Keynote Speaker: Ina Budde

We are excited to announce that Ina Budde from Cirular.Fashion will be speaking on Thursday 15th March.

The future-thinking designer, Ina Budde founded – a sustainable agency for Design and System innovation fostering a circular future of fashion. Ina’s expertise in fashion covers a broad knowledge in various fields of sustainable design strategies, sustainable textiles and production as well as sustainable business and marketing strategies. She gave lectures on Sustainable Design at international universities in Melbourne, Hamburg, Copenhagen and currently teaches at AMD Berlin. 

Ina’s system offers materials and design guidelines to support fashion brands in creating recyclable garments. This platform equips proven circular products with an identification tag that informs and orchestrates a reverse supply chain network of users, sorting and recycling companies regenerating textiles in a closed loop to new fibres again. Thereby it enables traceability and the use of materials to their full capacity. The key is a coherent connection and collaboration between all parts of the cycle. This provides an overall solution to the problem for resource scarcity and how to make a circular system beneficial for companies, customers and the environment.

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