Speaker: Laetitia Forst

Announcing Laetitia Forst as a speaker at the There and Back Again Event.

Laetitia’s is a PhD researcher at the Centre for Circular Design. Her PhD research, “Textiles for Disassembly” aims to explore design driven solutions for incorporating ease of recyclability into blends. Using the tools of design for disassembly applied to materials, this research looks at how the current barriers to recycling mixed materials can be removed so as to design waste out of the systems from the very first stages of materials production.

Speaker: Miriam Azaria

Announcing Miriam Azaria as a speaker at the There and Back Again Event.

Miriam is a PhD researcher at the Centre of Circular Design and is a designer, educator and consultant with a focus on materials at the intersection of textile design, technology and scientific research. As designer in residence in materials science laboratories for regenerated cellulose from post-consumer cotton textiles, her practice-based PhD research explores a design-science approach to materials to generate new textile processes in a circular bioeconomy.

Speaker: Dr Rosie Hornbuckle

Announcing Dr Rosie Hornbuckle as a speaker at the There and Back Again Event.

Rosie works with the Centre for Circular Design on the EU funded Trash2Cash project.  Rosie is a researcher and educator focusing on the interesting place where design, materials and sustainability overlap. Rosie’s current work is concerned with how materials information is communicated and translated between designers, suppliers and technologists, to support material development within a circular economy

Speaker: Emmeline Child

Announcing Emmeline Child as a speaker at the There and Back Again Event.

Emmeline is a PhD Researcher at the Centre for Circular Design.  Emmeline’s PhD, ‘Fallout Fashion: design frameworks for upscaling whole product upcycling’ aims to define new models for the commercial industry, to increase the levels of post-consumer waste in reuse while reducing the amounts of textile waste sent to landfill. She aims to make recommendations to the high-street and charity sector to increase rates of commercial recycling in the future.

Speaker: Dr Marion Real

Announcing Dr Marion Real as a speaker at the There and Back Again Event.

Marion is working with Centre for Circular Design on the Mistra Future Fashion project. Marion is a systemic design researcher exploring social representations in circular transitions. She recently integrated the LDOC program in CCD for discussing the potential of convivial technologies and local production networks through different circular fashion speed narratives.

Speaker: Dr Dawn Ellams

We are excited to announce that Dr Dawn Ellams will be speaking at Day 1 of the event.

Trash 2 Cash: Facilitating end of life scenarios for fibre regeneration

Dawn is a researcher, designer and educator whose interdisciplinary research focusses on the relationship between science and design in creating circularity for production and use to end-of-life applications.

Dawn’s current work incorporates design thinking to explore and communicate life cycle stories; developing interdisciplinary tools to create cyclical models for materials.