Day 1: There and Back Again, Starting Now

This first series of talks will present the ongoing and emerging research at UAL. Our Keynote speaker V&A designer in residence Bridget Harvey will present her work alongside a selection of MA students from across UAL.

We will be operating under brand new formats in which the MA students will receive direct feedback on their work from the audience and Bridget Harvey will be interviewed by Centre for Circular Design current PhD researchers.

Day 1: Starting from the end, Workshops

Please chose one of these two workshops:

– Workshop 1, led by Cathryn Hall, PhD researcher at the Centre for Circular Design


As our current industries continue to take, make and waste resources, this workshop invites participants to redesign our linear systems towards material regenerating circular economy. With a focus on recycling, participants will be encouraged to think across local and global scales.

– Workshop 2, led by Laetitia Forst, PhD researcher at the Centre for Circular Design

“Fab Hack”

Engaging with material samples, this workshop invites the participants to rethink the way we design products and materials so that they can be effectively recycled at end of life, but also provide innovative functional and aesthetic qualities, extending product lifespans in a circular economy and designing waste out of our systems.

Please note that it is preferable to have attended the morning talks to sign up for either of these workshops.

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