Day 1: There and Back Again, Starting Now

This first series of talks will present the ongoing and emerging research at UAL. Our Keynote speaker V&A designer in residence Bridget Harvey will present her work alongside a selection of MA students from across UAL.

We will be operating under brand new formats in which the MA students will receive direct feedback on their work from the audience and Bridget Harvey will be interviewed by Centre for Circular Design current PhD researchers.

Day 1: Starting from the end, Workshops

Please chose one of these two workshops:

– Workshop 1, led by Cathryn Hall, PhD researcher at the Centre for Circular Design


As our current industries continue to take, make and waste resources, this workshop invites participants to redesign our linear systems towards material regenerating circular economy. With a focus on recycling, participants will be encouraged to think across local and global scales.

– Workshop 2, led by Laetitia Forst, PhD researcher at the Centre for Circular Design

“Fab Hack”

Engaging with material samples, this workshop invites the participants to rethink the way we design products and materials so that they can be effectively recycled at end of life, but also provide innovative functional and aesthetic qualities, extending product lifespans in a circular economy and designing waste out of our systems.

Please note that it is preferable to have attended the morning talks to sign up for either of these workshops.


Day 2: Circular Design Lab Talks

Circular Design Lab presents an afternoon of talks by Gwen Cuningham, from the Circle Economy program and Amsterdam Fashion Institute, and Jamie Brassett MA Design Innovation course leader. These multi-disciplinary speakers will present insights for designing for new systems, material recovery and meaningful innovation from diverse perspectives, setting the framework for design to take on the challenges of a circular economy.

Day 2: Circular Design Lab Social

Join us at the pub for an informal discussion afterwards.


Day 3: Circular Speeds Workshops

This workshop enables participants to understand more about what decisions need to be made when we design a material product for the circular economy. We ask: What do we think constitutes a fast item, and what is slow? How can we design for products to travel quickly, (meeting specific needs), and how can we design for products that stay with us for a long time, (often meeting quite different needs)? How do we think needs might change in the future, from country to country? How can we anticipate this by designing for the speeds of these emerging circular economies?

Day 3: Making Disrupting Patterns Keynote

Centre for Circular Design co-founders Prof. Becky Earley and Dr. Kate Goldsworthy will report on two recently completed research projects.

In the Trash-2-Cash project researchers joined multi-disciplinary teams to create design-driven material innovations for the clothing and automotive industries, using emerging technologies concerned with the chemical regeneration of waste. Researchers have created new prototypes from old textiles that are recyclable, and that also considered impacts from across the lifecycle spectrum at the outset – from users, to new business models and future recovery systems.

In the Mistra Future Fashion project researchers explored design to enable fully joined-up cycles of material use as the ultimate goal; but the ‘Speed’ of the cycle also needed to be considered in­ order to make informed and appropriate design choices. The aim of this project was to provide guidelines for cyclability, alongside new design concepts which bring these choices into sharp focus. Ultra-fast and super-slow fashion is the result.

This will be followed by a drinks and networking reception.

SPEAKER: Prof Becky Earley

Rebecca Earley is Professor of Sustainable Fashion Textile Design and co-founder of Centre for Circular Design. Previously she led research initiatives at Textiles Environment Design (TED) at Chelsea between 1999-2017; and was also Director of the Textile Futures Research Centre at Central Saint Martins between 2010 – 2017. Rebecca develops sustainable fashion textile design strategy, curates exhibitions, facilitates workshops and creates original materials, models and prototypes. Since 2011 she has worked with Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) on the Mistra Future Fashion and Trash-2-Cash programmes. In 2007 she was nominated as a Morgan Stanley Great Briton for her contribution to sustainable fashion textiles in the UK.

SPEAKER: Dr Kate Goldsworthy

Dr. Kate Goldsworthy is a designer and academic working to bridge science, industry and design through multidisciplinary & practice-led research. She is co-founder of the Centre for Circular Design at UAL, and a member of the EPSRC Forum in Manufacturing Research. Having worked in the design industry for over ten years, in 2012 she completed the first UK practice-based doctorate focused on ‘designing textiles for the circular economy’. Since then she has continued to explore future manufacturing and recovery contexts, including ten years with UK fibre-to-fibre technology start-up Worn Again. She advises on several industry boards and policy groups and her design work has been exhibited & collected internationally.

GUEST SPEAKER: Gwen Cunningham

Gwen Cunningham is Sustainability coordinator at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and leader of the Textiles Programme at the social enterprise Circle Economy. Her main focus there is the active development of the market through close collaboration with key stakeholders within the fashion and textile supply chain. Gwen delves into the various projects the cooperative has been pioneering in with its members and partners. From the optimisation of the Fibersort, a technology that is able to sort post-consumer textiles according to fibre type, to the development of a digital decision-making tools for brands, to the the design and launch of recommerce and renting pilots.

GUEST SPEAKER: Ali Moore and Hannah Carter

Our wonderful guest speakers – Ali and Hannah- who have been working on the European Clothing Action Plan – ECAP and in particular the Love Not Landfill project.

Ali is the Head of Communications & Behaviour Change for the London Waste & Recycling Board (LWARB). She manages all corporate communications and consumer campaign work for the organisation, running London-wide campaigns on recycling, sustainable food and fashion, as well as providing support and consultancy to boroughs to help them increase recycling and reduce waste at a local level. With over 25 years’ experience of brand development, marketing and communications across the corporate, commercial and public sectors, she has previously worked for organisations as diverse as Reuters, Lloyds Bank, The Post Office, Transport for London, a range of small locally-based charities and WRAP.

Hannah is a Communications and Campaigns Officer at London Waste & Recycling Board working specifically on the Love Not Landfill activity which is part of the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP). Love Not Landfill aims to divert clothing and textile waste from landfill by changing the behaviour of 16-24 year old Londoners. Hannah has been studying sustainable fashion and social media for the past two years. Prior to this she worked in communications for 15 years in London and Shanghai, both agency and in-house across a diverse range of consumer and healthcare clients.

GUEST SPEAKER: Jamie Bassett

Jamie a Reader in Philosophy, Design and Innovation, and has been MA Course Leader and Innovation Management Subject Leader at Central Saint Martins since the course started in 2008. He lectures and writes in the areas of philosophy, innovation management and design; and provides management and design research consultancy for a number of companies. Recently he has worked with brands such as The Co-operative Group, Dorel Juvenile, Gate Gourmet, LEGO, Lloyds Banking Group, Nike Lab, P&G and Royal Bank of Scotland. He trained in Philosophy, and was awarded a PhD (University of Warwick) in 1993. His research spans innovation, design, philosophy, trends/foresight and literature.

SPEAKER: Cathryn Anneka Hall

Cathryn is a PhD researcher at the Centre for Circular Design (CCD). She joined CCD previously as the research assistant, on the Mistra Future Fashion programme working on ‘disrupting patterns’ project with Swedish Fashion Brand Filippa K. She is currently undertaking her second year of practice based doctoral study within the field of mechanical textile recycling under Dr Kate Goldsworthy and Professor Rebecca Earley.