Speaker: Professor Becky Earley

Announcing Professor Becky Earley as a speaker at the There and Back Again Event.

Professor Becky Earley is the co-founder of the Centre for Circular Design, she has been a lead researcher at Textiles Environment Design (TED) since 2000 and Director of the Textile Futures Research Centre (TFRC) since 2010. Becky’s practice is concerned with researching the role of the designer in creating institutional and cultural change towards more sustainable and circular, closed-loop practices

Speaker: Dr Kate Goldsworthy

Announcing Dr Kate Goldsworthy as a speaker at the There and Back Again Event.

Kate is a co-founder of the Centre for Circular Design at the University of the Arts London. She began her research with the Textiles Environment Design (TED) project in 2005 with the first UK doctorate focused on ‘designing textiles for recyclability’. Her approach is practice-based and collaborative, always placing making at its core, and working to bridge materials science and design through the production of textile design artefacts and models.

Workshops: MA Student Sign-up

Calling all UAL MA students to sign-up for a workshop on the theme of end-of-life of products and materials. These will be held on Friday 16th March 2-4pm at Chelsea College of Arts to close the event. We will be running two workshops side by side called:  

Design for Disassembly

Design for Material Recycling

To apply for a space on one of these workshops please send a short email with your name, course, and your motivation for wanting to attend.

Please send your email to: l.forst0220161@arts.ac.uk

Places are first come first serve, so please apply early to avoid disappointment.

Keynote Speaker: Ina Budde

We are excited to announce that Ina Budde from Cirular.Fashion will be speaking on Thursday 15th March.

The future-thinking designer, Ina Budde founded circular.fashion – a sustainable agency for Design and System innovation fostering a circular future of fashion. Ina’s expertise in fashion covers a broad knowledge in various fields of sustainable design strategies, sustainable textiles and production as well as sustainable business and marketing strategies. She gave lectures on Sustainable Design at international universities in Melbourne, Hamburg, Copenhagen and currently teaches at AMD Berlin. 

Ina’s circular.fashion system offers materials and design guidelines to support fashion brands in creating recyclable garments. This platform equips proven circular products with an identification tag that informs and orchestrates a reverse supply chain network of users, sorting and recycling companies regenerating textiles in a closed loop to new fibres again. Thereby it enables traceability and the use of materials to their full capacity. The key is a coherent connection and collaboration between all parts of the cycle. This provides an overall solution to the problem for resource scarcity and how to make a circular system beneficial for companies, customers and the environment.

Keynote Speaker: Sophie Thomas

We are excited to announce that Sophie Thomas from The Great Recovery will be speaking on Friday 16th March.

Sophie is a campaigner, practising designer and waste researcher, and was awarded chartership by the Chartered Institute of Waste Managers in 2014. She has established a number of not-for-profit organisations, including co-founding Three Trees Don’t Make a Forest, an online platform with open access sustainability tools for graphic designers and businesses, and Greengaged, an organisation that created global workshops to advance the design industry’s capacity to respond to environmental changes. In 2009 Thomas.Matthews joined a new employee-owned organisation, the Useful Simple trust, of which Thomas is a founding trustee. She worked part-time at the RSA between 2012 and 2016 first as Co-Director of Design, then Director of Circular Economy. It was there she launched The Great Recovery, a four-year action-based programme that investigates the roles and impact of design in a more circular economy.  She was selected as a CABE Built Environment Expert in 2015 and is on the board of trustees for WRAP UK.

Speaker: Cathryn Hall

Announcing Cathryn Hall as a speaker at the There and Back Again Event.

Cathryn is a PhD researcher at the Centre for Circular Design. Her PhD ‘Mech-Mix Materials’ proposes a design-led approach by the development of mechanical recycling for blended materials. It addresses the limitation of both the chemical and mechanical textile recycling industry’s use of high-quality and mono-material inputs to their system as the only approach to producing high-value materials as the output.

Speaker: Laetitia Forst

Announcing Laetitia Forst as a speaker at the There and Back Again Event.

Laetitia’s is a PhD researcher at the Centre for Circular Design. Her PhD research, “Textiles for Disassembly” aims to explore design driven solutions for incorporating ease of recyclability into blends. Using the tools of design for disassembly applied to materials, this research looks at how the current barriers to recycling mixed materials can be removed so as to design waste out of the systems from the very first stages of materials production.

Speaker: Miriam Azaria

Announcing Miriam Azaria as a speaker at the There and Back Again Event.

Miriam is a PhD researcher at the Centre of Circular Design and is a designer, educator and consultant with a focus on materials at the intersection of textile design, technology and scientific research. As designer in residence in materials science laboratories for regenerated cellulose from post-consumer cotton textiles, her practice-based PhD research explores a design-science approach to materials to generate new textile processes in a circular bioeconomy.

Speaker: Dr Rosie Hornbuckle

Announcing Dr Rosie Hornbuckle as a speaker at the There and Back Again Event.

Rosie works with the Centre for Circular Design on the EU funded Trash2Cash project.  Rosie is a researcher and educator focusing on the interesting place where design, materials and sustainability overlap. Rosie’s current work is concerned with how materials information is communicated and translated between designers, suppliers and technologists, to support material development within a circular economy

Speaker: Emmeline Child

Announcing Emmeline Child as a speaker at the There and Back Again Event.

Emmeline is a PhD Researcher at the Centre for Circular Design.  Emmeline’s PhD, ‘Fallout Fashion: design frameworks for upscaling whole product upcycling’ aims to define new models for the commercial industry, to increase the levels of post-consumer waste in reuse while reducing the amounts of textile waste sent to landfill. She aims to make recommendations to the high-street and charity sector to increase rates of commercial recycling in the future.